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IGOR EŠKINJA, Nowheristan

May 14th, 2010 from 8 p.m.

Until July 30th, 2010

With Nowheristan, the Croatian artist remains faithful to his personal approach, characterized by a reflexion on the production and reception of the image within the exhibition space. Eškinja emphasizes the constructed character of the gaze and the regimes of visibility which influence our perception of reality and its representation.

Eškinja works mainly with two elements: the objects on the one hand, and, on the other, the forms which interact with them, by fitting over their surfaces and disturbing their visuality. The exhibition’s photographs represent daily objects from a frontal view, standing out against a neutral background and shrouded by a homogeneous white light. Each object is poluted by one or several stains of different colors, which look as drippings projected on the surface of the photograph and not directly on the object’s. In spite of this play with perception, the artist will disclose the illusionistic process of constructing the bidimensional image with two site-specific installations realized into the gallery space.


The opening will take place on Friday, May 14th from 8 pm at ADN Galería and the exhibition will be on site until July 30th, 2010.


Hoping that you may be interested by this proposal, please find attached the press release. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any enquiry.


From May 13th to May 16th, ADN Galería will participate in SWAB Art Fair in Barcelona with works from Carlos Aires, Abdelkader Benchamma, Daniel&Geo Fuchs, Eugenio Merino y Jean-Luc Moerman.



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