mercoledý 18 settembre 2019

Miami, Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation - CIFO

An exhibition curated by Leanne Mella showcasing contemporary art works in the
collection that articulate the ways in which artists respond to the exercise of power
in contemporary life. In our age, visual artists have seized considerable territory
from Hollywood and feature film in depicting contemporary social issues. Through
works in photography, installation, performance, the moving image and new media,
often deployed in combination, artists address contemporary social issues with a
resonance and power that a corporatized film industry seems unable to achieve. On
view works by: Paolo Canevari, Stan Douglas, Jimmie Durham, Cao Fei, Regina Galindo,
Carlos Garaicoa, Thomas Hirschhorn, Jenny Holzer, Barbara Kruger, and many others.
Fino al 1/3/2009

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101 storie sulle Marche
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Marina Minelli


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